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Tips To Help You Find The Best Used Cars Vancouver

When you are looking for used cars Vancouver, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money. Although you can get great savings from purchasing a used car instead of a new one, some people are hesitant due to concerns about the quality of the car. If, however, you follow these tips and have the proper car insurance, then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Use A Paint Meter

Not everyone has heard of a paint meter but these are great tools that will allow you to see whether the car has recently been repainted. In the world of used cars Vancouver, it is possible that a seller will repaint a car to hide damage and get you to pay more. You should never just assume that a recent paint job is a bad thing, however; instead ask the dealer or seller about it.

Ask About Warranties

In addition to looking at car insurance prices for your new used car, you also want to see whether it is covered under a warranty. Most manufacturers will offer a warranty for the car within a certain number of years or miles but not all of these can be transferred to new owners. If the warranty can be transferred, don’t just assume that you will get it; make sure that the car is not too old to be covered.

Check For Past Oil Changes

Everyone who owns a car knows that you have to change the oil regularly but that doesn’t mean that it is always done. The best way to tell whether used cars Vancouver had their oil changed regularly is to open up the oil cap and take a look inside. If you see sludge in there, chances are the oil wasn’t changed often enough and the car is not a good buy.

Check For Water Damage

It may seem common sense to check any used cars Vancouver for damage before buying, but not everyone knows exactly what to look for. You want to specifically check your potential used cars Vancouver for water damage as this can be fairly simple, even if you are inexperienced. Some common signs of water damage include dried mud hidden in crevices or cracks, musty or damp odors or upholstery or carpeting that was recently replaced.

Have It Inspected

Just because the dealer of used cars Vancouver tells you that the vehicle you are looking at is in great shape doesn’t mean it’s true. If you can, always have your mechanic take a look at your potential used cars Vancouver before you make your purchase. They can tell how much work needs to be done and help you decide whether this car is a good deal or you should keep looking at other used cars Vancouver for more options.


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